Leisuwash SG touchless car wash for sale

Payment Type: T/T,Western Union
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time: 15 Days

Basic Info

Model No.: Leisuwash SG

Application: Automotive Beauty Shop

Fuel: Electric

Cleaning Process: Cold Water Cleaning

Certification: UR, UL, CE

Feature: Sudsing / Foaming

Condition: New

Main Market: Worldwide

Name: Leisuwash SG Automatic Touchless Car Wash Equipment

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Function: Car Wash / Polishing+Waxing / Drying

Detection System: Smart Three-Dimensional Monitoring System

Central Processor: Industrial PLC Embedded Central Processor + Dual-core System

Warranty: 3 Years

Power Supply: 3 Phase 380v/50Hz (Or Customized)

Size: 8780*3850*3350

Additional Info

Packaging: Wooden case special for export

Productivity: 100 sets/month

Brand: Leisuwash

Transportation: Ocean,Land

Place of Origin: Hangzhou,China

Supply Ability: 100 sets/month

Certificate: ISO / CE

HS Code: 8424899990

Port: Ningbo,Shanghai

Product Description

Leisuwash SG touchless car wash for sale

Leisuwash LeiYi SG rotary high-pressure nozzle can be freely rotated and lifted according to the contour of the vehicle. From the front cover, hood, windshield, car top, rear tail box and rear part of the car, Leisuwash LeiYi SG car washing equipment always maintains a flushing distance of 35CM. Leisuwash LeiYi SG automatic car wash equipment performs 100kg high-pressure flush on the surface of the vehicle body and the deposits such as the body mud is washed away.


The development of the Leisuwash SG had one principle: a brushless machine should still deliver a great wash result ! The combined chemical applicator and high pressure bar do make this possible. It keeps an even distance to the car so that the chemicals can reach all parts of the vehicle in the same concentration. The combination of different chemicals will soften up even persistent dirt and the contouring high pressure system will clean it off easily.

leisu wash touchless car wash


1.Contour Profiling High Pressure Car Wash

2.Various Car Wash Liquid Spraying

3.High Pressure Side Wash with Duel Arm

4.Overglow high-gloss System

5.Reverse Osmosis Water Rinse

6.LED With Voice Guidance

7.Multi Language, Different Wash Mode For Choice

8.Embedded Fast Air Drying



Power Requirements 380v/22kw/50Hz Max Car Wash Size L5900mm*W2900mm*H2250mm
Control System Siemens PLC Pump Motor German Siemens Aluminium Motor
Electric Components French Schneider Engineering Towline German Igus
Rail Length 8780mm Reducer Italy Siti
Weight&Packing 3500kg 14m³ High Pressure Piston Pump Taiwan WH
Machine Install Dimensions L8780*W3850*H3350mm Nozzle America SPRAY 316 Stainless Steel

Wash Functions:

1.Leisuwash SG Contour-following Pre-soak Application and Super High pressure Rinse

In several stages two presoak chemicals are applied to the vehicle to soften up any crusted dirt, with our contouring application system the chemicals will be evenly applied to all areas of the car. It will automatically detect and identify all types of vehicles, contour following the car body at accurately 35cm distance, water is alternately supplied from horizontal arm or from vertical arm, up to 100 bar high pressure water with 15 nozzles could easily flushing away the dirt. Horizontal arm could go to really bottom and makes perfect cleaning at vehicle head and tail.

Leisuwash SG touchless

2.Leisuwash SG OverGlow Hi-Gloss Lava Foam System

Bright active agent Biodegradation and can improve the decontamination effect, making the paint surface more beautiful and brighter. Fantastic colorful LED light will attract drivers off steet and onto your wash bay.

Leisuwash SG automatic car wash

3.Leisuwash SG High Pressure Side Wash with Duel Arm

German P+F ultrasonic sensor detection system ensure 35 cm  precision washing distance on both sides, water is alternately supplied from horizontal arm or from vertical arm, up to 100bar flushing pressure with 9 powerful USA made jets at both sides, can effectively cleans the sides and sill areas of the vehicle.

leisu wash touchless

4.Leisuwash SG Spot Free Reverse Osmosis Water Rinse

Final rinse with reverse osmosis water can perform a spot free car wash, the crystal coating wax can be completely absorbed on the surface of the car body, with superior protection of car paint, and features anti-acid rain, pollution, UV erosion.

touchless car wash system

5.Leisuwash SG Intergrated Air Drying System

Following the Leisuwash philosophy there is no great car wash without a great drying system. Leisuwash SG configuring three 5.5kw and one 4kw Siemens motors embedded in the washing machine, control the airflow by four cylindrical outlet, the first task is to split a bunch of wind air, reducing wind drag subsequent to follow airflow to dry the surface of the car body, complete drying the car within 50 seconds.

Leisuwash SG 360

6.Leisuwash SG 24 hours Self-Service Online Paying

Through the online payment with voice guidance system can achieve 24-hours self service car wash. In China people use WeChat or Alipay online paying, overseas customers can adpot local payment system work together with Leisuwash systems.

unattended car wash system leisu wash 360

User-Friendly Design:

*LED with voice guidance

*Automatic clean rearview mirror

*Faulty record with data report

* Automatic standby service

* Multi control mode ( could operate wash system through touch panel, magnetic card, payment station button, remote controller )

Leisuwash SG installation 3D drawing:

leisuwash SG car wash machine

Leisuwash SG Car Wash Equipment Installation, shipping dimensions

leisu wash SG car wash

Leisuwash SG Automatic Car Wash System Parameters

leisu wash touchless car wash

Leisuwash SG Car Wash System Configuration

leisuwash SG touchless car wash

Our Service:

1. The service and maintenance of Leisuwash system should be done by specialist technician, Cut off power supply when machine under service. Factory setting management code is 8888, it has permissions to modify the parameters, view vehicle wash quantities and change the password. Default password is 0 for operating the wash system, it can be changed to others like 12345, then the operator need enter into management center firstly, type in password 12345 then can start the operation.

2. Keep the main control box and touch screen in drying circumstance, it`s not allowed to touch these devices with wet hands, keep chemical mixing box with water pump box at drying circumstance as well. Before turn on the power supply, make sure the main control box voltage display stability and consistency.

3. Service and maintain wash system regularly, regularly cleaning machine surface, remove dirt on sensors, remove water in drive control box. Cleaning water tank when it becoming dirty, especially inlet filter of water pipe. It`s strictly prohibited to start rinse when water tank lack of water, use chassis to exhaust air firstly, never exhaust air with [ L [ arm rinse.

4. Exhaust water in pipes and tank during car wash equipment idle time, and when temperature under zero degree, must close inlet valve of chemical mixing system before shutdown the machine, use one key drain function to exhaust liquid in machine pipes, and open the discharge valve, exhaust water to prevent freezing. Don`t start machine once freezing, otherwise will break the water pump and motor.

5. Add wash chemicals in-time, it will can not spray out the chemicals if air go inside the hose, prevent impurities fall into washing liquid bucket and water tank, otherwise may cause stuck inside the chemical mixing box.

6. Air compressor need to install oil-water separator, exhaust water in compressor every 15 days, the air supply for wash system can not contain a lot of water and oil, otherwise will cause lack of air during chemical spraying, It is strictly forbidden to directly use heavy alkaline water (PH value> 8) or high salty water.

7. Inspect water pump and pump motor belt every 30 days, tension belt if belt fluctuate too large, ensure parallelism during belt tensioning. Cleaning water pump filter regularly. Replace oil in water pump regularly( every 5000 cars ), or when the oil is dirty . Oil volume more than half but not full, Taiwan Wuli WH-10120 pump use No 30, 40 or 68 engine oil( 2.36L ), German Pinfl pump use 220 Shell gear oil ( 3.3 L )

8. Check synchronous belts every 30 days, immediately tighten it if happened deviation and loose phenomenon, otherwise machine will jump with grinding noise.

9. Check terminals inside Electrical cabinet every 30 days, especially terminals for water pump and air fan power line, and terminals in drive control box ( because it walking every day ), tighten it if any loose. This can ensure a stable performance of electricity system.

10. Inspect frame screws and rail fixing screws every 90 days, Check the walking wheels every half year.

Packaging & Shipping

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